Smart Transport

Produces less CO2 emissions

Red Bull Energy Drinks travel to their destination predominantly by train and ship. We'll only use trucks when it's absolutely necessary. Since our cans are compact in shape and light in weight, they are a more efficient transport packaging than PET or Glass Bottles.

Glass Bottles
need 40% more space
PET Bottles
need 30% more space
Our Can
light and compact

Transportation to more than 171 countries around the world

As soon as the Red Bull cans have been filled, they're transported from Austria and Switzerland to more than 171 countries worldwide. The cans travel long distances, whenever possible by ship and rail. Transportation by truck is the last resort when there's no other means of delivery - it remains Red Bull's priority to allocate ever more transport to rail and shipping.

The can is an ideal transport packaging

A can is easy to transport because of its form and low weight. Thus, it can be said that the can is an ideal transport packaging, especially when compared to other forms of packaging: it saves about 40% in truck loads compared to glass bottles and about 30% compared to PET bottles.

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