The Red Bull Cans

light in weight and 100% recyclable

Red Bull has made a conscious decision to use aluminium cans. Today Red Bull cans weigh significantly less than some years ago, which saves precious raw material. Once they are collected they are fully recyclable over and over again without any loss in quality.

  • 100% Recyclable

The can - an "energy store"

All cans are 100% recyclable: once they've been collected and reached the recycling facilities, not the tiniest bit of aluminium is lost. They can be melted down and reused an infinite number of times with absolutely no loss in quality. Using reclaimed aluminium comprises a 95% saving in energy compared to using new aluminium.

Today, Red Bull cans weigh significantly less than some years ago. The constant decrease in weight also makes a difference: the less aluminium goes into cans in the first place, the smaller the carbon footprint.

Every can counts

The beverage can is the world's most recycled drink packaging. Of course, this is only possible if the cans are collected and (re-)introduced into the recycling loop. If a can is left carelessly littering the landscape, naturally it can't fulfill its recycling potential. Unfortunately, littering is still a problem in some regions. Making sure your can ends up in a waste or recycling bin helps keep our landscapes pristine, increases recycling rates and reduces energy consumption as well as the drain on natural resources. If your country has a dedicated aluminium recycling system please dispose your can correctly.

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