Wall-to-Wall Production

Saves resources through short distances

Apart from using 80% of our energy from renewable sources, we implemented what's called 'Wall-to-Wall' production at the production site. This means our cans are manufactured and filled on the same site - helping us save many miles of transport. Since we don't have to transport empty cans to the fill up plant, this reduces the footprint significantly!

Wall-to-Wall production saves 14,845 tons of CO2 emissions each year.

What does Wall-to-Wall mean in numbers?

Approximately 5.2 billion cans annually need no further transport until they're ready to leave the facilities for their final destination. This saves the equivalent emissions of more than 26,300 truck journeys of 614 kilometres each or more than 16.2 million kilometres per year.

More than 14,845 tons of CO2 emissions are saved each year, thanks to Wall-to-Wall production.

One production hub serving the globe

Red Bull's manufacturing base in central Europe has a lot of advantages:

Red Bull guarantees that the same premium product quality is enjoyed around the world, thanks to our state-of-the-art production process and the use of high quality ingredients, such as locally-sourced alpine water.

New efficiency-enhancing technologies - which, in turn, help preserve natural resources - can be implemented immediately.

The energy used for production comes from the region; around 80% is sourced from renewable energies - and Red Bull's working to improve this figure however possible.

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