Red Bull BC One


One of the most important B-Boy competitions is the Red Bull BC One, where 16 of the world's best B-Boys meet to compete in a 1-on-1 knock-out battle to determine who is 'The One'. A combination of extraordinary artistic skills, an outstanding character and a good reputation in the community are all important considerations when selected for the Red Bull BC One. The challenge is to find influential dancers from all over the world who are ready to set state of the art breaking standards. Since its start in Biel the event took the community all over the world: Berlin, Sao Paulo, Cape Town, Paris, New York and Tokyo.

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Nani Roma first victory in the Rally Dakar

In 2004 Nani Roma, whose full name is Joan Roma Cararach, won the motorcycle class of the Paris Dakar at the age of 32. For the Red Bull athlete from Folgueroles, a small village near Barcelona, Spain, it was the culmination of a great off road riding career.

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