How and when should Red Bull Energy Drink be consumed during sports?

The use of Red Bull Energy Drink during sportive activities varies depending on the athlete and the type of sport. Red Bull Energy Drink can be consumed before, during and after sportive activities.

Red Bull Energy Drink is a functional product, but has not been formulated to deliver re-hydration. Water should be consumed in addition to Red Bull Energy Drink during exercise.

Athletes around the world appreciate Red Bull Energy Drink:

“In my sport I don`t use any equipment. The connection between body and mind has to be perfect. Red Bull helps me to make that connection so that I am ready to perform at the highest level in practice and in competition.”
Orlando Duque (Cliff Diving/ COL)
“Before I ride I use Red Bull when I really want to start pushing the limit.”
Dani Pedrosa (MotoGP, ESP)
“I drink Red Bull 30 minutes before every race and any time I get tired. Red Bull gives me that boost I need!”
Lindsey Vonn (Ski Alpine, USA)
"During a race I tend to mix my Red Bull with some water in my bike drink bottle to dilute the drink a little. I am often racing in hot conditions and it is important for me to stay hydrated and keep going."
Courtney Atkinson (Triathlon/ AUS)
“Red Bull Energy Drink is the best companion in the world. I normally drink a cold can after a hard training to refuel my tank. When competing I drink a can a couple of minutes before the start to get me going.”
Elias Ambühl (Freeski, SUI)